The Ultimate Product Guide for Your Beauty Routine

//The Ultimate Product Guide for Your Beauty Routine

The Ultimate Product Guide for Your Beauty Routine

If you’re not applying the correct products to your face, you might not be able to achieve the fresh, clean and glowing skin you’re hoping for.

Here are some products by the Skin Bar that are designed to give your skin a radiant and youthful appearance.

sKIN mATTERS by La’Rue Gentle Face Wash

This face wash has 8 ounces of liquid, and is made from six herbal extracts. The plant-based face wash helps you cleanse your skin and remove toxins, dirt, and other harmful chemicals.

The product’s best quality is its light and gentle nature, which makes it suitable for even those of you who have very sensitive skin. You can use it as a moisturizer to purify your skin and also a makeup remover.

Using this face wash will make your skin feel soft and smooth to the touch. The main ingredients are aloe vera, rosemary extract, carrot extract and sage leaves extract. These natural ingredients make it perfect for calming the skin by reducing inflammation, burning or swelling.

The Gentle Face Wash is available at a discounted price of $22.10. You can buy it from here.

sKIN mATTERS by La’Rue Gentle Delicate Eye Treatment

Do you wake up and see dark circles under your eyes every day? Do your allergies act up during the winter season and make your eyes look puffy? With the Gentle Delicate Eye Treatment, you can say goodbye to these worries forever.

This eye cream is infused with vitamins that are beneficial for the skin and reduce swelling and puffiness under the eyes. The aloe vera gel, almond oil, arnica, vitamin A, and vitamin E in it also diminish dark circles.

The cream’s antioxidant properties and its natural ingredients—such as aloe vera gel and shea butter—reduce aging signs such as wrinkles, lines, and dark spots. By calming the tissues under the eyes, they also lessen sun damage and tighten the skin to straighten age lines.

Available at Skin Bar for a discounted price of $30.60, avail of this limited time offer here.

A woman holding a sunscreen container

sKIN mATTERS by La’Rue Gentle SPF 30 Light Protectant

Many people think there’s no need to use sunscreen in winter, but sunscreen is a year-round essential that lends some necessary protection to your skin.

The Gentle Light Protectant is a 2-ounce sunscreen with SPF 30, giving you protection from the sun.

This cream also acts as a moisturizer, so it serves a dual purpose of protecting your skin and keeping it hydrated. It’s weightless and light and doesn’t leave a sticky residue on your skin.

You can put this cream on and then immediately apply makeup on top of it. The antioxidants it contains also have anti-aging properties. At a discounted price of $22.10, you can buy it here.

Skin Bar offers exciting products for your skin, and you can check them out here. We also provide skin treatments such as cosmetic skin peels, massage, facial massage, LED mask, microdermabrasion and much more at our spa in Palm Desert, CA.

Call us at 760-298-8078 to book an appointment and treat your skin with care and love!

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