Everything You Need To Know About Microdermabrasion

//Everything You Need To Know About Microdermabrasion

Everything You Need To Know About Microdermabrasion

Are you a skincare junkie? Do you love taking care of yourself and your skin, and making sure you shine brightest at all times? Do you love sporting flawless, no-makeup looks? Well, it feels like microdermabrasion may be a treatment for you!

This treatment that will get rid of your hyper-pigmentation, dullness, dark circles, and patchiness. The treatment is also great for treating clogged pores and uneven skin texture, making sure you’re as radiant as ever.

Interested? Here’s everything you need to know about the treatment!

So, What Exactly Is Microdermabrasion?

So, what is the hype all about? Well, let’s start by saying that microdermabrasion is an exfoliating treatment. But instead of rubbing granular particles all over your face, this treatment sprays tiny crystals on your skin to encourage exfoliating action.

These tiny crystals easily remove any dead skin cells, revealing brighter, cleaner skin. The treatment also uses vacuum suction to maintain contact with the skin.


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What Are The Benefits Of Microdermabrasion?

A microdermabrasion treatment’s main benefits include giving you smoother and more radiant skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and reducing the appearance of pitted scars. It also heals any hyper-pigmentation, clearing clogged pores, and reducing the size of enlarged pores.

Apart from that, microdermabrasion also encourages collagen and elastin production, helping you stay younger and youthful for longer and slowing down ageing effects.

The treatment also helps increase the skin’s natural absorption power, helping you reap more benefits from your skincare products.

What Does The Treatment Feel Like?

Many people assume that a microdermabrasion treatment is painful and irritating. However, that isn’t the truth. Every person feels differently, and so the experience of the treatment varies from person to person.

Some clients like to describe the feeling as ‘mild scratching,’ and others admit to it feeling like a very windy day. However, everyone who has ever had the treatment agrees on one thing: it leaves your skin GLOWING!

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