The Skincare Mistakes You Might be Making

//The Skincare Mistakes You Might be Making

The Skincare Mistakes You Might be Making

Every once in a while, we promise to adopt an effective skin regimen but fail to follow through. There can be many reasons behind such a lack of consistency. Some people start a skincare routine only for it to backfire, and they end up in a dermatologist clinic. There are some common mistakes that people make which yield adverse skin reactions.

If you are tired of having a consistently bad experience with skincare products, then you may be making the following mistakes.

Overlooking Toxic Ingredients

Some skincare and beauty products contain chemicals that may not be suitable for certain skin types. When you apply a beauty product on your skin that contains a toxin or allergen, your skin can react in the form of allergic reactions like redness, bumps, and dry patches.

Skimping on Sunscreen

We often underestimate the benefits of using sunscreen because why bother? However, when sunlight hits your skin directly, the harmful UV rays damage your skin cells significantly. When you apply sunscreen, these rays cannot penetrate your skin directly. A good sunscreen not only protects your skin but also keeps it from wrinkles, sagging and blemishes.

Using Hot Water

No matter how relaxed you feel after taking a hot shower, it can damage your skin more than you think. Hot water sucks out skin moisture, leaving it dried and patchy. When that happens, your skin gets itchy and prone to rashes. The reason is that hot water damages the skin layers, making them thinner and overly stiff.

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Using Bad Quality Products

Although we should never buy cheap skincare products, we cannot help the temptation of impulse buying. The poor-quality products are not made with the finest chemicals and contain acids that have not been diluted well. As a result, these products cause an extreme burning sensation as soon as applied to the skin.


Exfoliation is an essential part of a skincare routine. It is done to get rid of dead skin cells by using granular chemicals. Although a normal amount of exfoliation is a must, going overboard on it can backfire. There are only a limited number of times when one should exfoliate, which usually range from once to twice a week.

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