Skin Bar ~ The Experience is designed to let every client become an active participant in their skin health. We will deliver Experiences of a lifetime to each and every client.

At Skin Bar ~ The Experience, we recognize that no two clients are the same. We plan to give every client our all so they can be renewed, refreshed, revived and relaxed.

Our mission is to have each and every client know that they play a big part in the health of their skin.

About the Owner

La’ Rue Abram has an extensive background in the area of cosmetic surgery and skincare for over 15 years. Her expertise includes knowledge of invasive as well as non-invasive procedures. Using her experience and extensive knowledge, she has developed skincare procedures and treatments that have truly revolutionized skincare at Skin Bar ~ The Experience.

What We Offer

Facial Massages

At Skin Bar ~ The Experience, we use a combination of four Swedish techniques to stimulate blood flow to your skin. This ensures detoxification of blood, resulting in younger-looking skin!


Are you worried about dealing with the pain of waxing? At Skin Bar ~ The Experience we use an effective waxing method which minimizes the pain and results in smooth skin.


Are you looking for fuller lashes that look naturally voluminous? opt for one of our Lash Experiences that can be customized to cater to your lash needs!

Our Experts

La’ Rue Abram

La’ Rue Abram, Owner, Licensed Esthetician
La’ Rue has been in the field of esthetics including skincare for nearly 15 years. Her extensive background includes working with dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.
She has assisted in several invasive and noninvasive cosmetic procedures including facelifts, blepharoplasty, liposuction, fillers, hair transplants, rhinoplasty,abdominoplasty, laser treatments, and CoolSculpting. She has worked as a surgical assistant, clinical supervisor and cosmetic consultant.
Her skincare line SKIN MATTERS by La’ Rue has been sold internationally for years.In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with family

Dani K

Dani K, Licensed Esthetician, Certified Lash Technician
Dani K has a passion for life that’s evident from the moment you see her radiant smile. Her attention to detail makes her the “perfect” lash technician.
She believes eyes are the focal point of the face which is why everyone should have “perfect” lashes.
Specializing in facials derived from theRelaxation Technique, Dani K has earned a following of several clients because they experience a facial like never before.
Outside of her profession, Dani K enjoys spending time with her family which includes two dogs Coda and Kiwi.



Experience Expert & CoolSculpting Technician

Alyssa is a Certified Medical Assistant/CoolSculpting Technician. She values the passion she has for helping others feel comfortable in their own skin. Feeling that her profession is very rewarding not only for her but especially for her clients.

Outside of work Alyssa is a dedicated mother of 2. She enjoyS writing poetry, singing & tapping into her creative side.



Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist

Elizabeth has always had a love for skincare and perfecting the art of makeup. So it was only natural for her to follow the path and become a licensed esthetician in order to give her clients the skin she always dreamed of. As a teenager she dealt with active acne breakouts and always strived to figure out natural ways to obtain clear skin. Her goal is to do the same for her clients and help them achieve great skin. Her philosophy is the body is a temple that we need to take care of as a luxury. She takes satisfaction in being able to enhance the clients natural beauty to inspire confidence from within. She specializes in facials and makeup application and is always learning new skills.

When she is not busy touching faces, .she enjoys cooking, painting, hiking and spending time with her chihuahuas.



Certified Lash Technician & Experience Expert

Kiara has been “lashing” for years after discovering her love for being able to bring focus to the eyes. She is a certified lash technician and Experience Expert. Her desire to see beauty falls over into her love for skincare. Her passion for lashing constantly keeps her learning new techniques to keep clients lashes healthy and beautiful. One of the things she loves is being an active part of helping clients with self confidence by enhancing their beauty. Her drive and dedication is strengthened every time a client gets a new set of lashes.

Kiara currently resides in the Coachella Valley area. When you don’t find her “lashing” she will be spending time with her family, friends or her dog Dallas.