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Welcome to Skin Bar

Welcome to Skin Bar ~ The Experience, where we give you the best spa treatments near Palm Desert. We offer a variety of experiences, including facials, massages, skin treatments, and several body treatments to keep you looking fresh, healthy, and gorgeous!
Our mission is to let each and every client know that they play a big part in the health of their skin.

Customized Facials

With our Relaxation Technique, we stimulate the blood flow to your skin to give you a flowing complexion!

Choose from our 30, 60 and 90-minute long facials.

LED Facial Masks

Are you looking for a quick way to reduce all of your skin problems? Our LEDFacial Mask can help with acne, inflammation and swelling like no other!

Get ready for a detoxifying experience that’ll rejuvenate your skin.


One of our most popular experiences, microdermabrasion offers you a chance to get rid of sun spots, wrinkles and fine lines through deep exfoliation.

Our treatment is suitable for all types of skins.

Are you looking for the ultimate spa experience? Look no further!

The Good Experience

This experience includes a customized facial along with a facial massage, which leaves your skin feeler softer than ever!

Total time: approximately 1 hour


The Great Experience

The Good Experience offers customized facials, and an LED facial mask and electro therapy for a glowing complexion!

Total time: approximately 2 hours

The Grand Experience

Our Grand Experience includes customized facials, electro therapy and microdermabrasion, hand and feet wax and a 24K mask for a transforming experience!

Total time: approximately 3 hours

Relax and enjoy the ambiance at The “Skin Bar ~ The Experience” Spa for the day

At Skin Bar ~ The Experience, we’re dedicated to providing you with an elevated spa experience using high-quality skincare products. In addition to skin treatments, we offer you a multitude of other experiences, such as waxing, chemical peels and lash installations.