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The Lash Course

The Lash Course

Once thought of as only something celebrities were doing, eyelash extensions are now becoming a daily need for almost every woman!

Our licensed esthetician, certified lash technician, and expert trainer Dani K has introduced a lash course that trains individuals according to our natural, hybrid, and volume looks.

The two-day course covers theory as well as hands-on training with lashes, equipment, and products required to complete full lashing sessions. The primary focus of the course is to help lash technicians customize lashes for each client as the shape of each eye is unique, so that no two lash extension treatments will be the same.


Take a look at what our lash course has to offer?

The ‘fanning’ technique

Save more time with our new lash technique!

Jumpstart your career as a lash technician!

Learn the basics with the best!

A hands-on learning experience

With us, knowledge and practice go hand-in-hand!