Our licensed technician, Dani K, says that eyes are the windows to your soul and lashes are the drapes the windows need to look beautiful.

At Skin Bar ~ The Experience, we provide three customized experience packages for clients to meet their lash needs for Palm Desert residents. Our experts use synthetic hair and synthetic silk of the highest quality and install each lash with the utmost care so that you get fuller lashes that are soft and natural-looking!

Our lash extensions are designed to give you instant volume and length without compromising the safety of your natural lashes! With eyelash extensions, your lashes will never have looked so pristine.


Tired of wearing mascara? With our Lash Experiences, you will no longer need one!

Lash extensions for a voluminous yet natural lash look!


Lash extensions that add extra length for a full-fanned lash effect!


Lash extensions for a casual day out!