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Body Massage

We offer

  • Swedish

Ready to relax to the tranquil sounds of the ocean and breathe in the refreshing scents of aromatherapy. You may fall asleep during this full body massage as the Swedish techniques are performed during this Experience. Your body will thank you as you detox and relax your muscles. Not only is a Swedish massage relaxing, but it energizes the body as well. Palm Desert residents are more than welcome to visit and experience one.


• Aromotherapy
• Hot Towels
• CBD oil
• Custom Experience

  • Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is not for the “weak” at heart. This Experience is designed to help you unwind mentally as well as physical. Relax while a experienced massage therapist works out your muscles and relieves tension in various parts of the body. Listen to the sounds of relaxing music while getting rid of stress and toxins through deep tissue massage.

Massage can include:

• Aromatherapy
• CBD oils
• Hot Towels

  • Therapeutic

Therapeutic massage designed to not only relax muscles but also help get rid of toxins through the lymphatic system.

Perfect massage post various cosmetic procedures including 360 liposuction and various body contouring.

  • Lymphatic Drainage

This Experience is like therapy for your body. Relax and have a therapeutic, customized massage based on your individual needs. Parts of the body will be focused on based on your needs.

Massage can include:

•CBD oils
•Hot towels

Body Massage
Body Massage
Body Massage